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Liu Peng, Binzhou Area, Shandong Province, who become a member of the military in 1996, afterwards of 2001 to modify job opportunities, commence business travel at the beginning of 2002, at home and no person through the enterprise prior to, but my moms and dads in fabric Support Enterprise, the early set out to go a great deal of detours Peng, presented flu retail store, ordered environmental safety gear, have been not successful, until finally beginning 2003, as well as a good friend found a chat, Shandong district Color room Enterprise to prosper, along with the place well-known, Peng would want to car usage as the rise in the land, right after car Market Kit demands will end up significantly far better, is usually a appealing beginning of the route, so Liu Peng, the highway did start to review, from 2003 to 2004 time, Liu Peng was a Color room Corporations in mastering, these times to the commence right after lounging the building blocks of important expertise.

Peng The grade of the person is our The almighty is our living
2004 7 months, Shandong Jincheng coloring gear manufacturing unit set up, located in Jinan, investment of eastern and like the Distance Zibo Area, the standard investment in the western side, well-known largely produce series of car bottle of spray coloring Jc two residences, far ir Barn, temperature curing barn, JC living room home furniture, bottle of spray coloring, JC typical, Jc carrier, JC coloring property as well as other large vehicles, along with perhaps not best with the speculation and use, the early era of Liu Peng, also seasoned a twists and turns, For the reason that beginning of complex expertise as well as other issues with deficiency of dexterity, Liu Peng's coloring room leading to severe layout problems, provide merchandise, some top fracture phenomena occur, that's only starting Liu Peng isn't a tiny battle, along with perhaps this is simply the test of view of the Liu Peng, Liu Peng privately with designers to customer-side, transgression picture, acquir e data, and expected right after malfunction, final results demonstrate that Peng's coloring room use up all your procedure is out there not reasonable layout issue, which is the domestic sector was struggling with a common issue, Liu Peng, wrong doing retrieval promptly coloring bedrooms, big economical cutbacks, but Peng can be quite oral cavity in the carry previously, right after a 30 days of study and recurrent layout examine, Liu Peng and technicians created a new use up all your procedure not just protected and also significantly improve electric power, to scale back coloring throw away. New coloring while in the primary room, when cooked, Liu Peng privately transported to the person side at the disposal of new gear (gear out of your malfunction in the individual), and on-web-site Exhibit Using new gear and functioning methods, even though the new gear due to the fact electronic adjustments increased the money necessary for some, but Liu Peng was borne in silence all ...

Standing may be the spirit of the services are our bounden duty
A while right after a malfunction in the baptism, Liu Peng's coloring room hasn't famous for failure, but as a consequence of his candor and integrity, has earned sector recognition, and also ushered in a turning point, recurrent sales substantial, along with the merchandise didn't obtained any important breakdowns don't problems, Liu Peng, 2006, the opportunity to grow sales and manufacturer have an impact on, to all parts of the country fit a lot of marketing throughout the press, advertising and marketing and mlm marketing, and affair advertising and marketing of greenbacks creation, precisely set up customer service facility to respond to client concerns online and offline and inquire concerns, to improve financial savings and coach complex team to consistently increase the product development, advertising and marketing lecturer all at once to rent the education enterprise, and fully grasp merchandise, know-how, workers administration Current Of ...

2007 Liu Peng, the sales spot from China, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and Shanxi, and enhanced to 70% in the areas and urban centers country wide, Liu Peng reported: Half inchto perform advance primary gentleman, product or service to both of your hands,Half inch Liu Peng within his personal way with a various interpretation in the sales unit, to bring in numerous outstanding Talent To sign up for, Liu Peng in Jincheng in 2007 twelve-monthly sales of baking gear manufacturing unit in Shandong Province No. 1, 2008, Liu Peng, the many proposed contract style and low-typical specific shaped barn layout, manufacture and installment solutions, to get individual specific instructions, not just for populate a gap while in the coloring making gear, coloring room Jincheng also helped bring further benefit place. Liu Peng always focused on the market Acquiring And vibrant, now Jincheng coloring room gear, place merchandise are exported to Italy, Mongolia, step 2 is going to be extensive t o bordering international locations for example Asia and Quebec to offer the continual development of the venture. Shopping backside from the outset

route Jincheng, Liu Peng stage at the same time, sticking to the Half inchprimary man or woman, in the eveningHalf inch rule, and seek advancement, security and growth, performance daily, clarified to Jincheng's hard with candor, hard and brilliant. Later on growth, Liu Peng will further solution technology, administration technology, procedure technology, keep keep and hold send the Half inchrealistic, modern, civilized, and productive development ofHalf inch business spirit, keep Half inchindividual is the standard of our The almighty Our name is our living and spirit of service is our duty to Half inchenterprise reasons. Tightly start a candid, straightforward, dependable, along with the long term identity, with straightforward persona, actually warm reactions and good standing of give back customers and buddies to the health care and rely on.

Despite the fact that straightener and metal high rise car sector is continue to Half inchincomeHalf inch Queen confident

The Ough.S. economic system along with the effect of domestic rising prices, the recent development of large straightener and metal, workers, material charges, minimize earnings of some companies, although the confront of China's automobile sector following the huge, Liu Pengjian mail as long as the appropriate modification of solution, workers construction and management and business technique, can prevail over the effect of ecosystem, to offer the sought after intention.
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