No.1 Cost Of Marriage - Shenzhen, China

To seen as a pleased idea before, relationship now has become a piece of writing connected with substantial price for any beginning people. Nowadays, the men and women lose interest inside 1980s have got been give your age connected with marriage. As this first-generation regarding staying simply child, the parents will do a few arrangement for the marriage of child.
While, scoping considering the heaven-high residence selling price plus earth-low wage, matrimony has grown a sizable batch in front of beginning people. The expense of marital life with every single city is many times over years ago. Then permits look at the top part 10 charge connected with China towns throughout marriage.
No. one particular Shenzhen city
1. A suit involving home (80 and preceding ), regarding average RMB22300 per, 2230080=1784000.
2. Decoration cost: RMB100, 000 (medium level regarding 80 ).
3. A overall associated with 50,000 regarding devices and furniture. This part could be seen for the reason that dowry involving bride.
4. Car expenditures 100,000 because normal vehicle around everyday life.
5. Wedding banquet, in 4 legend hotel, retains 2 hundred guests (20 tables*10) regarding RMB2000 per table. This item is not ingested into accout to the cash spent is usually to some extent well-balanced with exactly what you receive.
6. Honeymoon, not necessarily considering Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, even not necessarily Thailand, Yunnan or perhaps Hainan, could cost 6000 for each one, and also subsequently every one 12000 for visiting South Korea.
7. The time sort falling in adore in order to matrimony expenses capital (including ingesting out, acquiring gifts, entertainment, travel, holiday merchandise to be able to girlfriends parents) 15000 per month. If the time is two years, subsequently the fee might be 1500122=36000.
In summary,
To a mans loved ones possesses house of 300,000 and the annual complete salary will be 60,000. For (208.2-30)/6=29.5, next anyone could cost 29.5 ages to acquire a wife.

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